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Songs from the Big Chair

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I’m quite pleased with this as a title instead of the usual ‘Now That’s What I Call….’ to introduce a compilation album.  AND it ties in nicely with the photo of my fantastic new chair.  You will note that both cup holders are empty…it was only 10:30am after all!
Whiskey In The Jar
It occurred to me that people may have doubted that the key-loosing potion in Coos Bay was actually served in  jam jars so here is photographic evidence.  It is only as I write this that I have noticed those very same keys immediately behind my jar on the table.  Bugger.
Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Presumably the fact the the US government has been shut down for 9 days has reached the UK?  It seems that the Republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree a spending plan that will include Obamacare and, since they haven’t agreed, have no money to pay anyone.  As you might expect, everything seems to be ticking along quite nicely without the government, so I wonder why they don’t just leave things as they are and save a few hundred billion dollars?  On Piers Morgan’s show on CNN last night they were looking for stories of hardship resulting from the shutdown and the best they could come up with is a couple who, because they couldn’t hike in their state park as usual, hiked in the wilderness and got lost and nearly died.  Apparently this is the fault of congress and nothing to do with them being twats.
Last night we were staying in San Francisco which is always fun.  Neil and I were in a motel a little way from the other punters so we snuck off for a cosy little meal a deaux in Chinatown.  It was rubbery.  
Surfin’ Bird
As we drove down Highway 1 today I came across a big crowd at the side of the road and stopped to see what all the fuss was about.  It seems there was a shoal of fish in the bay and there were thousands of pelicants diving for for them.  Somehow I managed to catch a photo just as one was tucking its knees in for a dive.

Our room on the hotel tonight is rather aptly named:

You will have to tip your head on one side to see it……if you look carefully there is a semi-naked Neil in the background.  As you can see, in one respect at least he is a lesser man than Knobby!

Hotel California

We are staying in the Davenport Roadhouse – a modern building but very much in the style of the western saloon.  Our room overlooks the ocean and has a wide balcony, complete with rocking chair from which this is taken:

It has just occurred to me that I have a balcony, an ocean view, a rocking chair and….ah yes, a cold beer.  Bye.

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