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Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ – Lynn Richards – Australia

I am just back from my 10 day and just under 900 km cycling expedition traversing Portugal from both top to bottom and side to side as well. Portugal offers a huge variety of remote villages of white wash and terracotta on painted tiled cottages, wonderful scenery from coastal beaches to olive and cork tree lined streets and rolling fields filled with sheep, pigs and cattle. Highlights for me were cycling along the Atlantic coast of Porto and [sampling] the best sardines in the world, as well as a May Day Festival in Barcelos where we had to push our bikes through the overflowing colourful streets of floats, festivity, music and flowers.

Danube Explorer – Kim Edmunds – UK

I have been holidaying with Bike Adventures since 2005. Through out the standards have remained high. The Danube trip was every bit as good as I have come to expect. Route and leaders were excellent and the accommodation was of a constantly high standard. One thing I do not understand is how you arranged such good weather. Well done and thank you. Special thanks to Steve and Alan.

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ – Margaret Cockburn – UK

The Portugal trip was my 8th with Bike Adventures and was very well organised as usual. Super hotels, excellent route instructions and above all great tour leaders, Steve and Chris. As the slowest rider in the group I spent a lot of time riding with them and they looked after me very well and were always cheerful … I hope to join another Bike Adventures holiday in the future.

LEJOG – Robert Gillespie – UK

First, a big thank you for a great experience.   The organisation was tremendous and everything appeared to work perfectly.   I shall remember the past fortnight with great pleasure for a long time.

Pacific Coast Highway 2016 – Tim Walmsley – UK

Had a great time on the trip and were very well looked after by Graham & Sue. Thank you all.

LEJOG – David Benninga – UK

It’s taken some time to type the simple words, thank you, and send them to you.  The tour was really wonderful and perfect in every detail.  The route was great, beautiful views and I now have a feeling that Britain is a part of me.  Andy and Phil was the best.  They set a tone from the first moment which helped the group become one. Also thank you for providing the bike box, knowing that it would be waiting for me helped.

Pisa to Sicily (15 Days) – Joe Doyle – Australia

Thank you, I enjoyed all of the trip, [and] the fact that we did not have to stay together and that we were able to do our thing on the route and still knew that we were looked after all the way with the support van and the sweep rider at the rear. [I] have already recommended [you] to a few friends if they were thinking of a bike tour that bike adventures would be the one to choose…

Pisa to Sicily (15 Days) 2016 – Dave Forster – UK

Thanks for another brilliant trip. It was great to meet up with the guys from last year’s LEJOG trip. I certainly hope we can all get together again in the future. I definitely have the pacific coast highway on my bucket list now.

JOGLE – Kristina Hoffburg  – UK

I had a great time on JOGLE.  Graham and Sue were faultless. Calm kind and patient. They made my success possible after a year of ill health followed by a year of recovery and low fitness. Thank you.

Pisa to Sicily (15 Days) – Chris Carthew – Australia

It is safe to say that ‘Bike Adventures’ are awesome. It is great to feel like real mates with the whole team. Dom and Steve make you feel like a pro rider. Every need taken care of. Great routs, great support when needed, bags in the room when you arrive at the end of the days ride so you can get organised quickly and down to the bar to discuss the days adventures over a ‘carb rich’ beverage or 2. Well done to you and we will certainly be back for our 3rd trip with your awesome team as soon as possible.

London to Venice  – Bill Taylor – Australia

Thank you for the “Congratulations” award, I fell I really earned it.  I very much enjoyed the ride and there was a good group of people, which helps.

Pisa to Sicily (Challenge) – Patrick Piper – UK

I’d like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would definitely do another Bike Adventures Challenge tour in the future. I had a big smile on my face everyday, and really enjoyed the experience and swam in the Mediterranean everyday (apart from Pompeii where we used the pool). The tone set and support provided by you and Chris was exemplary, there when needed but not in your face and regimented – Perfect. GPX files – I wasn’t expecting these to go straight to the door of the hotel – Brilliant

London to Venice – Sharron Yaxley – Australia

What an awesome trip!  It was challenging but personally so satisfying to climb those little humps in the Alps. Our thanks to Steve, Rob and Mike for their efforts in ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible. Lots of memories.

JOGLE – Sarah-Jane Willis  – UK

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to you for your initial kindness when I was querying about joining the trip after I had been let down by my ‘friends’ on my attempted LEJOG trip that I had to stop on Day 1. And I am SO glad I did sign up! Your initial responses to me, the actual trip and the wonderful support riders completely restored my confidence so that I knew I could do it and so that I thoroughly enjoyed it.I am so glad I that I booked the trip with Bike Adventures.  

London to Venice – Jamie McQuade – UK

Thanks for arranging a great holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed. The route was interesting and varied and the Alp sections challenging whilst manageable. Steve and Rob provided great leadership and support.

London to Venice – Angela Adams – UK

Please could you pass on our thanks to Steve, Mike and Rob for all they did for us on the London – Venice trip. We especially appreciated the care and support they gave me following my accident and on subsequent days when they kindly allowed me to ride from place to place in one of the vans. All three were great tour leaders, and we enjoyed their company as well as the practical support they provided so reliably throughout the tour…. please give our thanks again to Steve, Mike and Rob for everything they did to make this trip a success. 

Pisa to Sicily (15 Days) – Roy Shelley – UK

My bike was delivered today as promised, all in pristine condition, concluding a most well organised and most enjoyable adventure. The hotels were particularly good, as was the company. I am looking forward to the next trip already…

Channel to Med (15 Days) – Merran Cowper – US

I had a fantastic trip thank you. Loved the general route. Thanks heaps to Andy for dealing with our logistics and taking care of my bike. He was great. I look forward to seeing the itinerary for the Aussie trip and planning my future adventures.

Channel to Med (15 Days) – Juliet Good – UK

I’m currently basking in the sun on our final evening in a French campsite!

I have loved the trip, even though I didn’t do the group thing. The routes were fabulous and the campsites worked really well (although the mozzies were a bit too friendly!)

Although we didn’t need him very much, Andy was friendly, supportive and a thoroughly nice person.

Circumnavigation of London – David Gallagher – UK

The circumnavigation of London was a fine little trip – for someone who lives in central London to ride around the green belt never more than about 30 miles from home, and with 10m people constantly on my left, was most satisfying… and as the slowest rider my constant sweep companions Alan & Neil were great company… thanks to them and to Steve for conceiving the route and support. Hope to ride the Danube with you next year.

Pisa to Sicily (Challenge) – Alaster Stewart – UK

Once again, thanks for putting on a great trip. There seems to be a certain formula that Bike Adventures has that works for us and clearly many others.

LEJOG (21 Days) – Ian Hadden – UK

The 21 day LEJOG was an absolute awesome cycle trip. Rob and Graham were amazing… It was so nice to arrive at your final destination each day and Rob or Graham had your bags in your room and your key to your room ready to go. If there were any problems with the bikes, they were always willing to help out… Rob’s morning briefing was always informative and amusing, and I love the Bike Adventures yellow sheets. I recently did a south China 16 day bike tour and we had to follow a leader every day, and I prefer B.A.’s way by a long shot. 

I can see myself doing another B.A. trip in the future (for sure) and will highly recommend the company to everyone. Thanks very much. 

LEJOG (21 Days) – Jan King – UK

I thought it a wonderful trip! Graham and Rob are a credit to your company, always around to help. I am now taking time to come home and enjoying the break with my husband Mike, who has enjoyed every mile, thank you for allowing him to join in. I will be in touch when home as I would like to book again with you. Next time taking my Grand children.

The Rhine – Barry Harwood – UK

I found it a very enjoyable trip…. the hotels were some of the best we’ve had on a cycling holiday and most being centrally located made the evenings much more enjoyable. Mike and Andy were brilliant hosts and definitely added to the trip. We used GPS for navigation and the files were spot on, please pass on thanks to whoever did them. Hopefully will be doing something with you next year. Thanks for another well organised trip.

The Rhine – Jan van Steenwijk – UK

Thanks, it was a terrific trip THANKS….thanks [too] to Mike and Andy for their great support and a wonderful sense of humour!!!

Irish End to End – Jim Loy – UK

Really enjoyed the trip, we had a fun group with similar cycling abilities. It was a joy. John Wakeham is an excellent tour leader, friendly and always willing to help, John is a credit to your firm. Thanks to everyone at BA for arranging a great trip.

LEJOG (9 Day Challenge) – Michael Lea – UK

It is nice to be home but when I think of the last nine days it must rank and one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to you and to Rob for everything…. I thought the route was perfect.

LEJOG (9 Day Challenge) – Ian Nichol – UK

 Just wanted to echo the comments about what an amazing trip it was – difficult to adjust to “normal” life after that! Hope to be back for more trips in future.

LEJOG (9 Day Challenge) – Izzy Gillet – UK

Thanks for everything, Dom, I had absolutely the best 9 days of cycling.  Routes were fantastic, just right level, challenging without being unachievable or too daunting.  Very scenic parts of the country I’ve never seen before and will definitely go back to.  We relied on the Garmin generally, but when we needed the route notes, they were detailed and good to have as back up…You kindly put me in touch with someone who gave me some tips on how to train for the trip, and that proved really useful. All in all, as I say, just an amazing experience.

London to Paris – Penny Burningham – UK

The encouragement from John and Phil when I had to stop on the odd hill climb, was amazing, they allowed me to catch my breath and carry on. On the last night I over analysed the day ahead and was quite frightened of setting off, a quick word with John and his reassurance was all I needed to get me on my way, you cannot pay for that sort of caring and advice it is invaluable. I am so elated to have achieved the London to Paris ride and I would like to thank you all, John and Phil were amazing throughout, they could not have done more to help us. It was brilliant thank you all so very much. 

London to Paris – Michael Seymour – UK

Thanks from the family Seymour. We all greatly enjoyed it and arrived safe and sound.. it proved a great family occasion so who knows about future similar events!

London to Paris – John Willets – UK

Many thanks, it was a great ride, a good group and an amazing percentage of Dads with daughters or sons. As one of the Dads, it will provide a special memory which will stay for a very long time. Not having done a BA trip for a couple of years, I was pleased to note that the core values are being maintained with some aspects of improvement.

London to Paris – Lesley Chin – UK

Just finished this ride. My first time doing such a thing and really was filled with trepidation but it was fantastic! The routes are very easy to follow. We didn’t go wrong once. My fellow cyclists were a great bunch and a real sense of camaraderie developed. The champagne at the end was a fantastic touch. The leaders, John and Phil, were fantastic! Quietly encouraging at all times. They went beyond the call of duty ensuring at each stop our bags were in our rooms and the food options checked out. Even the news of a traffic free Paris and a marathon didn’t phase John!

LEJOG (9 Day Challenge) – Dave Hudson – UK

Just wanted to say what a fantastic experience it was. The organisation was superb. You guys were there if we needed you but we were also allowed to discover things for ourselves without the feeling of being on a ‘packaged trip’. I think you have got the balance just right. The route planning was first class. On several of the days we were able to cover great distances on minor roads with very little traffic. Hats off to you guys for putting in the research. The accuracy of the directions was spot on. I will remember the trip for years to come. Definitely wetted my appetite for more long distance cycling. A big thank you to all at Bike Adventures for making it a fantastic experience.

Barcelona to Gibraltar – Chris Jackson – UK

Great holiday, many thanks.

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ – Paul McCormack – UK

I’m just writing to say how much Nicky and I enjoyed the trip down Portugal…. We had great fun, enjoyed the variety of the hotels and food. We both look forward to many more trips with you in the future.

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’  – Cath Howe – UK

Wowww I’ve had a blast. 10 days cycling Portugal top to bottom. New friends made. Sore bottoms obtained. Aching muscles achieved. Mingled in traditional Portuguese life and industry. Saw pomegranates. lemons. oranges growing. Cork trees growing. And ate in traditional farmer’s cafes. An educational trip as usual. Now the hardest part. Coming back down to earth.

Wales End to End – Mike Horsman – UK

Just a quick note to say thank you to yourself and Rob for another great trip.  A guy like me means more work for you and without your willingness to go the extra mile in terms of help I very much doubt if I could do it.  I enjoyed the trip a lot – and am very grateful.

Camino Trail – April – Karen McCaughtrie – UK I absolutely loved the hills and some of the scenery was magnificent.  Oh and the beer wasn’t bad either! 

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ Oct – Brian Whalley – UK I will definitely be booking a BA trip [again] in 2016. I particularly appreciate:

  • Personal bike transport to and from the ride
  • Great routes and clear instructions
  • Better quality hotels 
  • Plenty of support and guidance en route (for example in bad weather conditions or where there are mechanical problems)
  • Very helpful and friendly support 

Bhutan – Dragon’s Back – Carol Golsby – UK
Truly great holidays are hard to find but the traverse of Bhutan is one of them. The trip is an Adventure in the true sense. For me an adventure should challenge and inspire – I was not disappointed. If you only do one trip this is the one to do! I am incredibly proud of us all for completing the journey. It was easier than I thought but harder than I could have imagined. We climbed to great heights, descended the longest road on the planet- bar one! Rode through rain forest and paddy fields, passed through scenery I will simply never forget. Thank you Bike Adventures for the journey of a life time.

USA Pacific Coast Highway – Steve Davies – UK
What a fantastic trip, enjoyed every moment, the tour\ trip very well planned\organised and Geoff was a fabulous leader…what a great guy…great tour party…what fun we had …looking to see where I can go next with you guys.

USA Pacific Coast Highway – Lynn Richards – Australia
I have just completed just under 2,800 kms of spectacular cycling on the West Coast of USA riding from Port Townsend just north of Seattle to the Mexican border in San Diego! The Bike Adventures route took us off the busier roads frequently so as not to miss the pretty coastal towns and scenery and all they had to offer.

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ – Sue Mapes – UK
Thanks to Dominic, Steve and Chris for their organisation and support on this trip. The route was great – a bit of up, a bit of down and an occasional bit of a long cobbles! Portugal offers some coastal views, stunning hills and sweet smelling eucalyptus forests. The weather was not always kind but the group was looked after; Steve’s tuneless but happy singing may have helped me get to the end of one rainy climb! Thank you Bike Adventures – where next?

Portugal ‘Top to Bottom’ – Karen McCaughtrie – UK
Portugal end to end was my second trip with Bike Adventures, but my first one abroad. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and can honestly say it’s by far one of the best things I have ever done to date. The trip was well organised, the route interesting and varied, fantastic hotels, great company (both the Tour Leaders and the other customers) and what better way to explore a country but on a bike! Bike Adventures is, in my opinion, simply the best! PS Looking forward to my next trip.

London to Paris – Jane Smith – UK
We just wanted to say a big thank-you for such a great cycling experience from London to Paris. When we read there there was to be a ‘sweeper’ riding at the back of the group we panicked, but Chris was brilliant in giving us enough space and also encouragement to get up those first hills,  by just being there. What a treat to have all the accommodation and route planned so carefully for us and a lovely surprise when you appeared out of nowhere on day 3 with a box of doughnuts.

Bordeaux to Barcelona – Douglas & Hilly Salmon – UK
We had a superb holiday with Bike Adventures; great cycling, great route, great company, great support from the leaders.

Bordeaux to Barcelona – Bill Taylor – Australia
The Bordeaux to Barcelona ride was a tremendous experience.  Beautiful country, great route on back roads and always the friendly support of the Bike Adventures team.

London to Paris – Tess O’Connell – UK
Loved it loads. Thanks for all your great help with the punctures and dodgy chain problems I had … you guys are brilliant and I felt very assured that you were at the ready for assisting with everything when needed! Thanks for a fab memory!!

London to Paris Oct 2015 – Ann Yeager – US
Great trip, you guys are outstanding, considerate and most professional.  Hand it to the Brits to plan an excellent excursion.

London to Paris Oct 2015 – Karen Long – UK
I thoroughly enjoyed the cycling and the company and of course the weather was terrific.

The Channel to Med June 2015 – Bevis Gillet – UK
The Channel to the Mediterranean  bicycle tour was really excellent – very well organised, great company and great route.

Bordeaux to Barcelona Sept 2015 – Brian Jones – UK
Thanks for a great trip. I thought it went very well, very  professionally run. Top marks..

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Kim Edmunds – UK
I had a fantastic holiday. For those of us who are not hill ‘Junkies’ the Rhine is the perfect trip. A wonderful route. Add good weather, good company and excellent accommodation and its a winner for me. Thank you.

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Nick Darton – UK
The trip down the Rhine was excellent.  I’m still savouring it and re-living the best bits as they jump back into my mind… It was a rich experience. The route was as good as it could be …. [a]t best it was superb and provided very strong contrasts in terms of scenery, the Rhine itself, life in the six countries, industry, transport, agriculture, people at work, people at play, people on the move. Could anything have been better?  I’m not sure that it could realistically.

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Alan Hodgkinson – UK
The trip itself was fantastic and the varied weather we experienced only added to the overall feeling of achievement at the end. 

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Dave Smith – UK
Just a quick note of thanks for all your work in laying on a superb trip down the Rhine. It was a huge success; John and I had a great time and we’ll remember the highlights for ages to come. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Steve and Andy. You were a terrific team!

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Michael Horsman – UK
I have been going on Bike Adventures holidays for many years and they get better and better.  The routes are terrific, very well researched and full of interest, and the team that runs the company are highly competent and very customer-orientated.  The fact that they will transport your bike to and from rides all over Europe is a tremendous bonus.  No more of the dodgy locally-provided bikes which some other companies provide or the hazards of air transport if you have to bring your bike yourself!

Channel to Med 2015 – Wendy Skyte – UK
We opted for the camping option, and had a wonderful time! What we expected and what we got were quite different, we have never been on a biking holiday with a holiday company. We thought:

  • We would have our tents, luggage dropped off at the site and see the leaders later in the evening
  • Breakfast might be done by the site i.e. Croissant and a coffee
  • Evening meals might mean cycling somewhere, basically looking after ourselves

What we got – wow!

  • Experienced leaders who went all out to meet our needs and help sort any issues
  • Kim shopped for us, asked us whether we wanted different things for breakfast
  • The breakfasts were amazing, sociable events with lots of good food
  • We didn’t expect a marquee, and a welcoming cup of tea with stacks of cake and biscuits etc when we arrived back at the end of each day
  • It was great to leave our wet washing with Kim and return after our ride to find it pegged out
  • Having the bikes locked and covered each night

Independent LEJOG July 2015 – Malcolm Renyard – UK
We are all home safe and well after successfully completing a fantastic adventure. Every day was different, demanding but enjoyable….we consider Bike Adventures have done a very good job, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

LEJOG June 2015 – William Hague – USA
Your Lands End to John O’Groats Tour was terrific …… I enjoyed it tremendously.

LEJOG June 2015 – Bob Edwards – Australia
To Dom, Rob and the support staff, thank you for making the experience so special. I cannot imagine what more could have been done to make the trip better. Well done.

Coast to Coast 2015 – Cath Howe – UK
Cheers again it was brilliant, just what I wanted.

Channel to Med 2015 – Liz Kennedy – UK
Thank you so much…We had a fantastic trip & I can’t thank John, Phil & Kim enough for their kindness & support (& tea & cake).

LEJOG June 2015 – Chris Carthew – Australia
It was fabulous. A great group, brilliant support, great accommodation and perfect weather until we hit Scotland… then almost perfect weather 😉

The Rhine Source to Sea July 2015 – Barry Palmer – UK
Many thanks for all your hard work – Steve and Andy too – in making the Rhine cycle so enjoyable. You were most supportive and helpful – and fun! We loved visiting so many countries with their different scenery, architecture and wildlife – something for everyone! We thought the hotels were extremely comfortable … and those that provided facilities for an evening meal were great. Excellent breakfasts too!

Channel to Med 2015 – Sue and Paul Rabbich – UK
Just to let you know we had a great holiday and were really impressed with the hard work and support which Phil, John and Kim put in on our behalf. So much so that I wouldn’t really consider a cycling holiday without Bike Adventures!

Independent LEJOG June 2015 – Deidre Glasgow – UK
Yippee we have finished. A brilliant ride made possible by the way you organised our accommodation and route plan. Thank you so much. Enjoying a well deserved pint. 

Independent LEJOG July 2015 – Ben Kreeftenberg – Canada
I would like to thank you and the company Bike Adventures for the fine job they did to make this a most memorable but tiring vacation[!] We did enjoy the fact that we had every night a Hotel or B&B or Inn reserved for us…all accommodations were well chosen and [e]verybody was very helpful with bike storage and welcoming their guests……we really did enjoy the trip. Thank you and Bike Adventures.

LEJOG June 2015 – Roy Shelley – UK
Home now with a sense of something missing! Must be the good company. Many thanks for a great adventure.

Tour of Tuscany May 2015 – Lynn Richard – Australia
I really enjoyed the trip… scenery was spectacular with some brilliant descents on great roads… Have done 4 trips with Bike Adventures now, USA will be my 5th. I keep coming back, so something must be attracting me!

Tour of Tuscany May 2015 – Martin Butcher – UK
Just to say again what a great trip the Tuscany tour was and thank[s]… for all the hotel bookings, they were all very good and a couple of them were outstanding. Steve and Rob set just the right tone with the group and I hope they enjoyed our company…….I hope to come on another of your trips before too long.

LEJOG June 2015 – Jim Good – USA
I just want to thank you and Rob for the great experience I had. I was so very pleased with the pre-trip planning that you helped [us] with, and all of the little things that helped to make this such a great, if at times dificult, journey. Hopefully I can make another trip with you at some point in the future.

LEJOG August 2014 – Jane Lottkowitz – Australia
We’ve been back two weeks and I’ve been meaning to email a big “thank you” for every stage of the trip. From the initial conversations, and my endless annoying emails, the fluctuating numbers, having Val in the van (which saved our trip and Roger’s life!), the extra rest day, running around over mobile phones, broken bikes, incapacitated cyclists to your dry wit and accurate descriptions of places and personalities, to which we will now, no doubt, add! I would be happy to speak to any Australians who are enquiring to do trips with “Bike Adventures” as I endorse the company totally.

East Anglia May 2014 – Michael Rayner
A quick e-mail to say that we had a super weekend in East Anglia despite less than ideal weather on Friday and Saturday. Good routes and directions and very friendly hotels. Good accommodation.

Pisa to Sicily Sept 2014 – Penny Morgan – UK
A great trip: a seamless two weeks of sun, sweat and scintillating company! Thanks everyone, and especially to Rob and Bike Adventures!

Pisa to Sicily Sept 2014 – Tracy Patmore
I had a fab time, loved the riding, loved the weather, loved the food especially the fish, thought the people were great and thought that Rob, Rob and Mike did a sterling job.

New Zealand Feb 2014 – Jan Fairclough
I had an absolute awesome time (I think awesome stands for Amazing, Wonderful, Energetic, Spectacular, Outstanding, Magnificent, Everlasting memories).

LEJOG August 2014 – Joyce Gardner
Thanks to you, John and Chris for all the support during our trip.This was a major challenge for me which without the amazing support may not have been possible.You are an amazing combination of a team who truly made the trip a memorable one.Your enthusiasm for cycling,your wit and patience was outstanding.

LEJOG August 2014 – Corrie Cutherbertson
Just a quick note to say many thanks for the fantastic holiday I have just come back from. I’ve never done anything like this before so didn’t know what to expect but it was fantastic, brilliant organisation and logistics and a wonderful route – such good fun. I especially wanted to say how brilliant our guides were. Again I didn’t really know what the guides would do but the answer seems to be everything and more – mechanics, inspiring, encouraging, spotters of amazing lunch stops, very patient and positive all the time – a great pair of guys.

LEJOG July 2014 – Ted Greenwood
I’ve just enjoyed the most wonderful Land’s End to John O’Groats ride with Bike Adventures. Great company; the camararderie of fellow travellers; meticulously planned route; worth every single penny. If this is on your list of things to do, you must look at Bike Adventures. I’m so glad I went with them instead of doing it solo. It was the difference between a challenge to be endured and a feast to be savoured.

Coast to Coast June 2014 – Karen McCaughtrie
I had the most amazing time – cycling aside, the scenery was fantastic and I couldn’t have wished for better company. My concerns, ie would I possibly be lonely and would I struggle with the cycling both in terms of pace and distance on the trip were all ill founded!! In fact when I’d finished I felt as if I could turn round and do it all again…….stands me in good stead for when I do Land’s End to John O’Groats!

Bordeaux to Geneva June 2014 – Bob Bennett
Good ride, wonderful route with good roads and sufficient challenges to make it interesting for an “old guy” – thanks John – with the mileages just about right leaving time for relaxed evenings and a drink or two. I would say that this ride and Bord/Barc are the two best rides that I have ever done, not sure that I can choose between them.

Pisa To Sicily Sept 2013 – Jim Loy
Thanks to you and your support team for a great trip through Italy. It’s a significant achievement getting 30+ Cyclists over 800 miles through the lanes and roads of Italy. Over the last few years I have come to appreciate all the work that goes into making these tours such a success. Great job and well done.

Pisa to Sicily May 2013 – Brian Whalley
I wanted to write to you to say how much I had enjoyed the Pisa to Sicily holiday earlier this month. I really appreciated being able to do this holiday with Bike Ads because without the planning, support, hotels, and route sheets I would never have been able to tackle this gorgeous ride.

LEGOG Sept 2013 – Maggi Evans
I just wanted to thank you for giving my dad (Peter Langford – aged 80) a great experience on this recent supported ride. He really enjoyed the route, the company and the maintenance support. It was also a weight off my mind that he did it as a supported ride rather than on his own!

LEJOG July 2013 – David Williams
The trip exceeded my expectations in every way, and was impressed how good the accommodation was considering the difficulties of booking one night stays. You and Geoff were models of quiet efficiency. I would definitely go on another Bike Adventure with your company.

LEJOG June 2013 – Christine Tivernen
Anyway, thank you both for a great couple of weeks. Really enjoyed myself and thank you for letting me do it my own way, not that any of us had a choice! Body was pretty stubborn. All your organisation payed off as the route, instructions, accommodation etc were great. Should any friends think about attempting it I’ll recommend you.

LEJOG June 2013 – Mike Woolner
We would just like to say how much we enjoyed the trip. It exceeded our expectations by a big margin, and everyone was up for the challenge. We can well appreciate the effort you put into making it a success. Keep up the good work!

Channel to Med July 2013 – Pierre Godoff
This was the perfect level of support, organisation, difficulty and freedom :-)! The hotels were great locations and standard, and being able to “just turn up” and have bags in the room, already checked in was a nice touch :-). Never any stress or anything seem too much for you guys, always more than happy to help. You picked the evening locations so well. We loved Beaugency and finishing in Carcassonne was, for sure, a great place to end the trip. I loved walking the old city at 11pm after our last diner.

LEJOG July – Reuben Miller
It was a really delightful treasure box of experiences doing the End to End with Bike Adventures, from- painful, tough, challenging, moving, exhausting, exhilarating, great fun and hugely inspiring. Rob and John were really good support and the directions are very clear.

LEJOG April – Lydia Brown
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to complete the ‘challenge’. You are quite right now on reflection I am so glad I did it! I am pleased to say I still want to get on my bike […..]