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Booking Form – Holidays

Please read about how to book, general booking information, and booking conditions. NB: By completing our online booking form, or our hardcopy booking form, you agree to be bound by the booking conditions.

When you have reserved your place on a trip, you can complete the booking form below for Supported Holidays to tell us more about yourself (or complete the Independent Trip booking form here).

    • If applicable, one per line

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    • For correspondence

    • Please indicate which of the following best describes your cycling ability:

      1) Cycle but can probably manage distances of 10-20 miles2) Ride short distances 1 or 2 times a week, with occasional longer rides3) Cycle most W/E's and can ride 50-60 miles in undulating country4) Have ridden over 80 miles in a day and can cope with most hilly terrain

    • Does any member of your party have a medical condition that we should be aware of?


    • Please tell us about them below.

      We note that you have declared a medical condition on your booking form. We must inform you that you are solely responsible for establishing whether your are medically fit to participate in this holiday and we strongly urge you to seek medical advice if you are unsure. It is important that you declare all medical conditions to your insurance provider.

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    • Without discounts or extras

    • Please enter % and reason for discount

    • Total Tour Price Minus Discount

    • Net Tour Price Plus Total Extras

    • 20% of total price, or 100% if less than 8 weeks before start of trip

    • I have read and agree to the Booking Conditions on behalf of all the persons named on this form (cheques to be made payable to "Global Bike Adventures Limited").




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