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Songs In The key of Life

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Another compilation
John Wayne is Big Leggy
A rather obscure tune this…if you wan’t to look it up try the YouTube clip from Top of The Pops where the girl singer wears a see-thru top!!!

Two of my riders have the first names John and Wayne so, naturally, I have put them together in a shared room.  It is a measure of how dull tour leading can be that I get a huge kick out of handing over the rooming list to the receptionist each night!  In a past life I used to travel with a guy called Mark Smith and always enjoyed saying I had rooms in the name of Smith & Wesson.


No, not the average age of a GI in Vietnam but the average mpg of a Love Machine over about 2000 miles. This is magnificently inefficient and will earn me the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I Need A Dollar

Today is Ford Mustang day as we are heading through Big Sur.  If I had a dollar for every Mustang I have seen I would have a enough money to buy one (though only if it cost $97).  

Last night we were staying in Big Sur Lodge which, at $250 per room, was a tad overpriced but we were in the heart of the state park and it is all about location, location, location.  For dinner I had a burger and two beers……..$48 thank you very much.  The trouble is the bloody tips and tax.  You start with a slightly expensive menu item, then add tax at almost 10%, then you have the mandatory tip at 18% which is added to the running total (so you are tipping the taxman too!!!), then….wait for it….you add a further 10% tax on the tip.  This makes armed robbery seem quite honourable.
I stopped briefly in Ragged Point, a poncey motel cum resteraunt, and saw a collection of rather magnificent British motorbikes.  It is a wonder what lots of money and no road salt can do,

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
With only 6 riding days left the end is somewhat in sight and I look forward to the end of an incredibly busy season in which, in addition to the Pacific Coast, I have done:

1 trip to Italy
3 trips to France
5 Land’s end to John O’Groats

Too many some might say.  The word ‘some’ is spelt BRIDGET.  Sorry!

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