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Love The One You’re With

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So what is it like not sharing a room with Knobby? Well, there is considerably less snoring, less faffing by orders of magnitude and you can go to the loo and not find the telly re-tuned to Merican Football when you come out.

My room mate, Neil, is proving to be an excellent substitute. He is a jovial carpenter from Somerset who wears a permanent smile and says 'proper job' and 'gurt' instead of great. He is also a master 'bodger' and has introduced many 'improvements' to his bike using bits of stick and old plastic that he scavenges from the roadside. I may have over-tested our new friendship by suggesting that some of these look a bit crap. A measure of Neil's good humour is that at no point in the night of the lost keys did he hit me or throw things at me!!

My new lover ….I mean roommate, is known to Knobby as he was on our Italy jaunt in May and I don't know if this will make things better or worse if he reads this!

Today we are deep in the bloody Redwood forest, cycling along the Avenue of the Giants, but I have an exciting new toy to play with. Now that we have better weather I am tired of trying to find comfortable bits of ground on which to sit and wait for the riders to come past so I have purchased the finest seating implement that Walmart has to offer….ok, I have purchased the CHEAPEST seating implement but it has TWO cup holders so what's not to like?

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