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New Lover

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It is September and the weather is pants so it must be time for the annual Pacific Coast Highway trip. We start riding on Sunday and I am at Heathrow, ready to fly out to Seattle to get everything ready.  Naturally this will include picking up a new Love Machine from Avis and I am excited to see what she will be like.  Will she be beautiful? Will she put up with being filled with sand and Sam Adams caps? Will she mind being parked in a ditch ?  Will she let transvestites connect jump leads to her terminals?  I’m sure she will be lovely and I look forward to getting to know her!

I am flying with BA so no techno-plane this time.  We are sitting waiting for them to mend the bogs and I can see the last of the coal being loaded.  The pilot has his leather flying jacket and goggles ready but until they fix the crappers we are going nowhere.  I suggested that we all promise not to go to the loo for the whole flight but apparently that isn’t acceptable.  

I promise to not to blog the whole trip again but if anything exciting happens, or I am just bored (I do have a VERY low boredom threshold) I’ll be sure to let you know!

Tally ho!

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