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Irish Rover

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‎This blog is really meant to just capture my thoughts as I cycle here and there. Basically it is all about ME. Today I must make an exception.
On our recent 9 day end-to-end we had Tom, a 67 year old Irish gentleman.  ‎Tom impressed us all by doing his 100 or so miles each day in considerable style and showing no sign of the 15-25 years he was carrying compared with his fellow riders.  
At the end of the trip all the ‘youngsters’ got on the bus and went home to salve their arse calluses but Tom……loaded two heavy panniers on on his bike a‎nd headed back to Land’s End.
We were all impressed but today I got a text to say that he did the return in 7.5 days! I am gobsmacked.  ‎This lovely ‘old’ man has ridden 1850 hilly miles in 16.5 days, half of them with heavy luggage. I will be happy if I can simply swing a leg over the crossbar in 13 year’s time.
In the unlikely event that Tom stumbles upon this blog I would just like him to know that I my admiration knows no bounds.
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