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Silly Thing

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While living the high life in Premier Classe I did two silly things:

1/ having had so little sleep I was in bed by 7 and set the alarm for 7 next morning. Yummy, I thought, a 12 hour eyelid inspection. I went out like a light and slept like the dead (where would we be without metaphors? Probably still using those silly old-fashioned metathrees I suppose). I was woken by a noise from outside and checked my watch….8:15. Bloody useless alarm I thought and quickly got dressed and threw my kit back in my bags. As I opened the door to head out I paused…..something just didn't see right. A more careful check of my watch confirmed a growing suspicion….it was 8:15 in the EVENING. I went back to bed.

2/ if you are a touring cyclist there is one thing you dread above all others and I did it this morning. That's right fellow bike riders, I cleaned my teeth with arse cream. It definitely isn't what 8 out 10 dentists would recommend but my bleeding gums are now healing nicely!

I am wittering from a bench on a shady Parisian avenue while sipping a tasty cold one (though the medicated taste in my mouth may take weeks to fade). I have done my 65 miles and now have some time to kill before catching the Eurostar home. So I now face a real dilemma – the Louvre or a couple more cold ones. Hmmm, now let me think….



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