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I have been promising people whales on this trip and, thank goodness, today I was able to deliver. A little south of Lincoln City there is a bay which claims to be the Whale watching capital of the galaxy (don't you love Mericans?) And we stopped for a look see. They were some way off shore but we definitely saw backs, tails and the odd water spout so we can put that down as a definite whale sighting. Alan says they might be Minkies but I'm pretty sure they were whales.

We also saw Pelicants (like Pelicans but less helpful) and Seals.

It was another misty day but very scenic riding and, with only 51 miles to do, everyone finished nice and early.

You may notice that I have added photies for the last couple of days – this was achieved by driving down Highway 101 and stopping every few miles to check for unsecured wiffy signals. After about 5 goes I found one and sat at the roadside uploading piccies.

The only other excitement for the day was when I left LM2 in drive while I chatted to a rider and it parked itself in a ditch. Bugger. Fortunately this is Merica so within 5 minutes I had several pick-up trucks with various bits of rope and chain to my assistance and in no time I was back on the road with only my pride a bit damaged.

We are staying in Yachats – quite a nice little seaside town – and have another ocean side pitch for our tents. The photo is taken from our pitch. Unfortunately the campground has no showers but a bit of gymnastics and a soapy sock soon restored me to my normal fragrant self.

Alan and I have a hankering for really good chowder and there is recommended emporium in town so we are off for clams.



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