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Start It Up/I’m A Boy

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We had a jolly evening by the fire with enormous pizzas and good beer and it made a nice change from dashing around in LM2 ferrying people to restaurants. Unfortunately, an evening of running the cooler, powering electrical devices and forgetting to turn off all unnecessary car electrics resulted in a flat battery this morning. Bugger.

Fortunately we were rescued by the least feminine transvestite I have ever seen. He…She was camping two pitches down from us and wearing a very fetching outfit with pumps, tights a little black dress and blonde wig. The effect was rather spoiled by him being about my height and built like a brick s**thouse with shovels for hands. Oh yes, and a very deep voice and stubble.

Still she had jump cables and a van so we weren’t going to complain.

I have now purchased jump cables as I don’t feel that relying on there being a handy tranny nearby is a viable long-term strategy.

The route today has been very pretty though many of the riders chose to take a couple of shortcut that missed out the best views as they are starting to flag after 5 days on the road. We are passing through small ‘seaside’ towns (yesterday we went through one called Seaside which I felt rather lacked imagination) though it is the end of the season and they are all very empty.

Tonight we are in Lincoln City – the biggest town since Astoria and nothing to write home about – the punters have a nice hotel and we are in an equally nice KOA campground. I am having trouble getting the fire lit so might try pouring petrol on it 🙂

Will blog again when I am back from having my burns dressed.



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