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Puppet on a String

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Today is something of a ‘no news’ day – no transvestites, no disasters with the car, no shoe-related conflagrations. But the riding was STUNNING.

The mist/cloud has finally gone and the view from my tent flap as the sun rose looked something like this.

Actually it looked EXACTLY like that because that is where I took the picture from.  The scenerary has been specacular as we hug the coast past endless sandy beaches and sand dunes and everyone has got a real lift.

We are now in Coos Bay – a nice counter-balance to the splendours of the day as it is a typically grotty Merican industrial town.  This is the location for our first rest day and chosen because it is an ‘all services’ location in contract to the small holiday resorts we mostly pass through.   Today I am stealing Interweb from the Super 8 Motel, though as I have kjust given them the best part of $1000 for the guest’s rooms it won’t trouble my sleep too much.


PS In case anyone is too stupid to get the song connection:

Puppet On a String – Sandie Shaw – Sandy Shore. 

Oh why do I bother.

If you didn’t work out yesterday’s then tough!

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