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Hotel California/Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

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Tuesday 2nd Oct.

 Today Joseph arrived in Bethlehem and the innkeeper said there was no room at the inn.


Today Steve arrived in San Francisco and Mr Patel said ‘yes, I see you have reservations for 11 rooms but I only have 8 rooms to give you’.  Bugger.  To make matters worse, it is the world Oracle conference in San Francisco and hotel rooms are rarer than hens teeth.  Buggery buggering bugger.

After a frank exchange of views with Mr Patel (known in England as ‘An Argument’) he came up with a ninth room thus slightly reducing the gap and, at vast expense, two rooms were found elsewhere so the crisis was averted.

Mr Patel’s hotel proved to be reasonably comfortable, though the lobby and hallways were probably striving for shabby chic they mostly just managed shabby. Alan and I washed our bodies, our clothes, our shoes and anything else that looked like it could be washed, reducing the bath to the sort of thing that might have been used by John George Haigh……Google it!

In addition to all this excitement there were 3 new guests to collect from various locations so a rest day it was not.  At least not for me.

We are saying goodbye to one guest who is leaving us to return to blighty and we do so with a heavy heart – she was great fun and a pleasure to travel with.  No names but YOU know who you are!!


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