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Walking on Sunshine

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Another slow news day but this is something I have been meaning to write about.  Since we arrived we have seen many signs that the threat from Tsunami’s is in the consciousness of west coast Mericans.  Wherever we go we see details of the Tsunami evacuation plan, shelters, alert practises etc.  Naturally we are aware that there is a threat but had no idea that the profile of this threat was so high.

Today, as we were leaving SF, things went to Defcon 11.  A full Tsunami alert drill.  Sirens sounded throughout the bay area and, as we cycled out of town, we saw helicopters in the skies, marine hovercraft on the beach and an aircraft carrier out in the Bay.  They take the BIG wave pretty seriously here. Even the mayor came!

Other than that the big news is that the weather has changed – the wind is now blowing strongly from the south and there are cloudy skies and lower temperatures.  Bugger.  The riders put it a bit more strongly!

We are now in Davenport (pop 200) and the guests are in the biggest hotel in town. It is also the only hotel in town as well as being the only restaurant and, very nearly, the only building.  Our campsite is nearly 14 miles north and very lovely with a restaurant, bar, sauna and all sorts of luxuries unbecoming us mere campers.


PS…if anyone cannot get the song connection I suggest they email me privately rather than humiliate themselves in public!

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