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It’s A Beautifull Day/Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

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Phew what a scorcher.  Our route (by the way please hear this word as Rowt in all entries) briefly left the ocean and the temperature on LM2’s thermometerisation module read 98 degrees F.  To verify this I stuck my head out of the window….yup, chuffing hot.

Not only is the weather spiffy but the scenery went up to 11 (I love Spinal Tap).  The ride from Fort Ross to Bodega Bay is probably the best so far:

We are now in Stinson Beach a seaside resort 20 miles north of SF where, with the unseasonal weather (today was the hottest day in SF since May) the place is thronging with lithe bikini clad girls. ……………

……..where was I?  Our campground is a little out of town and is accessed via a single lane switchback down a ravine to a promontory.  The sheer drops made everyone pay careful attention but the views from the campsite made the risks worthwhile.  Unfortunately the road stops about 200yards from out pitch so we used the campground wheelbarrow to transport all out crap the last bit.  We set up camp and watched the sun set:

Tomorrow we are off to ‘Frisco.


PS The bulgarians seem to have buggered off but Sweden is coming on stream.  We love you Sweden and we will try for an ABBA song very soon.

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