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Going Underground

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Sorry for the deluge of blog entries but it is Sunday! The other day I mentioned how nice the kiwi high street is but, since then, I have started to realise that the cancer of the 'global high street' has started to take hold, and in the worst possible way……..Subway.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with their sandwiches ( as far as I know) and they are tasty and good value BUT the company itself is the work of the devil. I could mention the fact that they employ the very worst kind of minimum wage imbecile; once in a Subway in Merica I was asked where my accent was from. 'England' I explained. 'Wow, England! That's in Paris isn't it?'. Cretin! But that isn't my main beef with Subway. It is all the damn questions.

To successfully obtain some food you have to endure an interrogation that makes The Spanish Inquisition seem positively mild. Not only must you choose your length, filling, bread type and cheese type but then you must individually accept or reject about seventy different salad items. Finally you have to choose a drink type and size and pick a bag of crisps. Subway will argue that it is a good thing to give the consumer so much freedom of choice but I say JUST GIVE ME A BLOODY SANDWICH.

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