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Slip Slidin’ Away

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Yesterday was a very lovely sunny ride from Westport to Greymouth with classic coastal riding. Today it has rained non-stop (who said 'serves them right'?). To make matters worse, two of my riders had an accident, the first slipping crossing some rail tracks and the second ploughing into the result. One rider was OK with just a few cuts and bruises but the other has taken quite a battering and has a magnificent lump the size of an egg on his upper thigh. His bike has also suffered, with a complete failure of his fancy electronic gears. The bike is now back in Greymouth waiting for parts and I have the joy of a 130 mile round trip tomorrow to collect it.

We are staying in Hari Hari which has a pub, a shop, a small rather dated motel and a duck.

Here, for rather obvious reasons, is a picture from yesterday.

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