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Pleasant Valley Sunday

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This one is so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. It is Sunday and we have been following the Buller valley AND……drum roll…..it was PLEASANT.  No?  Sod you then!
The weather continues to hold (tee he) and everyone is now sporting a tan of some description.  The hole in the ozone layer means that the sun here is very strong so as well as brown we have several shades of red and even some peeling skin from earlier grillings.  The routine of applying slop is, for me, supplemented by the need to apply insect repellent because my chair locations are often infested with sand flies.  These little bastards are almost too small to see but have a wicked bite and seem to be happy just about anywhere, not just in sand.
Everyone was finished early today so it is time for a serious eyelid inspection in the garden.

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