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Endless Flight/Caravan of Love (Double A Side)

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Some of you may remember that I once quite liked a bit of Leo Sayer……not something I’m proud of but I am now mature enough to admit it.

Actually the flight wasn’t that endless but 10 hours is still a long time to sit in an alooooominum tube, even if you are eating swan.  Guess what?  Fogey Babes (as Ben likes to be called) was sitting just across the aisle and we are now the firmest of friends.  I expect he will ask me to be godfather to his next sprog and we have worked up a plan to travel the length of the Amazon in a dustbin full of Piranhas.  The great news is that the calluses on his arse from rowing the atlantic are looking MUCH better now.

Getting through immigration and customs took forever (the former because they are useless and the latter because I had to explain why I was carrying lmost $20,000 in cash and travellers cheques) but we eventually made it to our hire car.

It is a Dodge Grand Caravan – this isn’t actually it but we have its idenical twin sister.  In a world where the words GOOD and BIG are interchangeable it is very good.  In every other world it is a piece of s**t, though with all the rear seats folded down it would ceratinly make a caravan of love. 
So far everything is working out OK and my plan is still intact – the only fly in the ointment is that the expensive US SIM card I bought will not allow me to make international calls so I  have to call their helpline on my UK sim at vast expense to hurl abuse at the supplier.  They tell me I must be patient….they clearly haven’t met me 🙂

It is now almost midnight (8am UK time) and I am in my motel room unable to sleep and surrounded by half assembled bikes and the discarded packing boxes.  Tomorrow I start the painful process of getting bikes, bags and people repositioned to Port Townsend. 


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