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Hey Big Spender

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I am beginning to wish I had chosen movie titles rather than songs.  Sleepless in Seattle would have been perfect for last night – probably about 3 hours sleep in total with bouts of bike unpacking and luggage reorganising in between.

Today I have been mostly shopping.  There were several things that I needed but which were best sourced in Merica:

1/  A Merican satnav.  I already hate her nasal whining tones.

2/  A rather cunning electric cooler that plugs into a car cigarette lighter and keeps stuff (ok…beer) cold.  It is gratifyingly huge, to the point that we MAY be able to squeeze in sime milk and butter along with the ‘essentials’. 

3/  A bike rack that straps to the back of the love machine.  This is pleasingly fuel inefficient.

Items 2 and 3 are too big to transport home so will be thrown away at the end of the trip.  This is so Merican that my patriotism will probably be rewarded with a Congressional Medal of Honor. 

I have also driven the 100 miles to Port Townsend, delivered the first lot of bikes and checked out the hotel and campground.   The hotelers are staying in Manresa Castle:

I think the photo may have been photoshopped as it is a bit down at heel in real life, but wonderfully quirky. It is more than 100 years old which, by Merican standards, is virtually prehistoric.  The campers are in a campground on the beach with seals as neighbours.  All very nice.

Alan and the 2nd batch of riders should be landing any minute now so back to work.


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