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Club Tropicana

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…well, actually Club World but the drinks are still free so who cares. I have no idea what I did to earn an upgrade but whoopedy doop anyway.

As you can see there are worse places to waste 10 hours. I'll probably have swan for lunch then ask the trolley dolly to wash my feet or something.

Having got the car to Heathrow Mall 5 (a shopping centre with a few planes) and done all the check-in and security malarky I can now enjoy the lull before the storm. They say that no plan survives first contact with the enemy so no doubt it will all start to go fruit shaped in Seattle.

Still for now I'll just enjoy the amenities. Later I might go downstairs and flick olives at the riff-raff.

Oh yes, I checked in behind Ben Fogle. Little twerp.



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