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Drive-in Saturday/Misty

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The first song is pretty inspired!  It is Saturday AND….drum roll…we drove in a tree!  But more of this later.  Firstly it seems the Bulgarian Massive are firmly behind us now with a total of 10 hits.  Thank you Bulgaria, we love you.

A few more words about last night.  The Redgate Villas motel is a simple 8 room place in Leggett, CA (population 122).  It is run by Mike who looks just like Mikey from American Chopper and possibly IS Mikey.  A very nice guy who handed over his garden, gas barbeque and most of his crockery so we could cook dead animals and feed the troops.  When I arrived he was busy giving away his profit on the night by sharing his malt whiskey collection with the punters.  This was much appreciated by the punters for obvious reasons, and by me because anything tastes ok after a few malt whiskies.

Our campsite was almost as good….run by Billy – a Mancunian who left England 22 years ago when her husband died of a cold (you see…man flu IS serious).  She had promised me a discount if I could bring her some Roundtree Fruit Gums but sadly I forgot so the heartless bitch made us pay full price.  Apart rom that it was a great place to spend the night.

So, back to this tree.  I’ll admit to a degree of scepticism but it was the best 5 dollars I ever spent.  It is a TREE but you can drive through it!  As you will see it was a pretty snug fit for LM2.

The next car through was even bigger and it cleared the edges by about half an inch.  Once through, the driver got out – a women with an arse the size of Kansas.  She tried to walk through the tree and got firmly wedged.  They called the fire brigade but the eventual conclusion was that – a la Winnie The Poo – the best solution was to leave her till she got thinner.  I recokon this will take a bout 5 years.

The tree is pretty huge – not just fat but very tall too:


We then joined Highway 1 for 20 miles of stunning riding over the hills and back to the coast.  The climbs were gentle, the road was winding and the tarmac was creamy smooth.  Lurvely.  As we approached he coast God decided to play Misty for me.  It is really weird – the mist cloacks the coast while just a few hundred yards inshore it is brilliant sunshine.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees F and everything is viewed through a veil.

It was a very short day and we got into Fort Bragg in the early afternoon.  I spent the afternoon cleaning out LM2 and catching up on a few chores  while Knobby and 2 of the guests finished their miles in a verl leisurely fashion.  Tonight it is eat all you can Chinese Buffet – my favourite!

We are about half way which means lots more blogs to come….Bugger.

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