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Today the sun had a really very big hat on indeed.  LM2 indicated 94 degrees F at about 3 o’clock and everyone found the very short day suprisingly tough.  We are slowly putting those bleedin Redwoods behind us but they have a last hurrah as we are staying in Leggett – site of the drive through tree:

Tomorrow I will take LM2 and see if it fits through.  Alan is doubtfull but I reckon that the trick is to take a good run at it and go through FAST.

They really are quite big these Redwoods.  Our campsite is, again, in the forest and the following picture is of just an ordinary tree of which there are countless thousands.  To take it I had to lay on my back on the forest floor and I am still picking bits of twig out of my pants.

Today our campsite has a pool and I had time for a quick dip while Alan was slogging up a long hill in the heat….titter.  Once again the motellers are in the middle of nowhere so we laid on a barbeque.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it except the chef……….or Me as he is otherwise known.  It is now 10pm and we are back at camp drinking beer and chillaxing.

Tomorrow we leave Highway 101 and start on Highway 1 – THE Specific Coast Highway:

Време е за лягане сега – лека нощ.


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