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Whispering Grass

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Sorry for the radio silence…..lack of interweb/commitment!  This is the blog for Sunday, riding from Fort Bragg to Fort Ross.  There are lots of Fort places on the route, mostly a hangover from the pioneering days when the routes to the west coast were first opened and usually not a whiff of fort in sight.  In Fort Ross, however, there is a pathetic modern replica which, presumably, Merican tourists are happy to haul their colossal butts round.  But I digress.

The California way of life and general climate is pretty nice so I started thinking how I could relocate here permanently.  Naturally I would need a job but nothing too stressful, and preferably something that would allow me to enjoy the whole hippy pot smoking vibe.  So this is what I have come up with:

Basically it is gardening……..but while high on weed!!  So far I haven’t had any responses, which is a bit disappointing, but I’m pretty sure the orders will come rolling in once people see the attraction of wonky stripes and a gardener who giggles a lot.

Yup, you’ve guessed it… a low news day!   The weather has been great – not toasty hot but clear skys and much less mist and the views have been terrific all day:

Our campground is a little basic (portaloos) but, yet again, right by the Specific and only a few hundred yards from a decent restaurant. Our waiter was gayer than Christmas and had the irritating Merican habit of describing everything as ‘Awesome’.  If the Chef’s spinach salad is awesome what superlative will he use for some really hard man sex?

Alan says I may have gone too far with the last comment.  Excellent!


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