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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

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Today we cut inland from Nelson for the longish haul to Murchison – at 77 miles it is the longest ride of the trip and requires cycling up two long valleys with stiff climbs over the passes at the head of each. It was another glorious day and my chair has been given a serious testing as I waited at the top of each climb.

We have now joined ‘my’ route (the route I took last year) and it is even prettier than I remember.  Perhaps not having eyes full of sweat and being able to lift my head from time to time just allows me to appreciate it more.

We are staying in Murchison, a small town in the Buller valley and the A&P; show is on.  This is a bit like a county fair crossed with a rodeo with a bit of fun fair thrown in for good measure.  It explains why I had so much trouble booking rooms here an my riders are in the Hampden ‘Hotel’ – really a pub with rooms above.  It is a bit basic and very lively and a bit of a shock after the very lovely motels we have been using….still, all part of the adventure.

Tomorrow we head to Westport, gateway to the west coast.

Oh yes, the song title.  I am camping and on very clear days such as this it gets chuffing cold up in the hills when the sun goes down 🙂

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