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Now That’s What I Call Music

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Money for nothing

After spending the morning sitting in the park I popped back and had another look in Capital Cycles in case there was any item of stock that I had not already purchased then, by way of a change, I spent the afternoon on the beach. Never has earning a living been more arduous.  I even had to eat this chuffing great ice cream
Unfortunately being a very hot day it melted very quickly and, being a very windy day, the liquid ice cream got blown all over me…I looked like I had been pebble-dashed.
By the way, Wellington harbour looks like this:

Ferry across the Mersey
I am feeling rather pleased with myself as I wasn’t sick on the ferry.  This is something of a first for me.  I passed the time watching Pacific Rim,  possibly the crappiest film I has seen in the last 10 years.  
Blinded by the light
I am aware that, back in blighty, the monsoon continues and that babies are now being born with webbed feet but here in New Pieland the sun had one it’s very largest hats on today.  Annoying isn’t it?  
We left Picton for the 110km ride to Nelson, starting out along the edge of Queen Charlotte Sound which must rank amongst the best coastal rides anywhere.  I doubt the picture will do it justice but here goes:
Rage hard
A strange thing happened today.  While climbing one of the coastal switchbacks this morning I found myself behind a logging truck.  It was grinding up the hill very slowly and, though in no particular hurry, I occasionally just pushed the nose of the car out a little to see if there was any chance of overtaking.  There clearly wasn’t so I followed the truck until he very kindly pulled over so I could pass and I gave home a friendly toot.
Several miles further on I pulled into a little town for a coffee and, as I was opening my door, a Kiwi women pulled it wide open and began screaming and swearing at me.  ‘That’s odd’, I thought.  As best I can tell she wished to tell me that I was a suicidal maniac who had endangered the whole world with my reckless driving.  I can be an impatient driver and sometimes I maybe overtake when it isn’t entirely recommended but, on this occasion, I REALLY hadn’t done anything wrong.  Eventually the barmy old trout strode back to her car and screeched off in a manner remarkably like the driving she had just accused me of.  Nutter.

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