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Saturday 3rd

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No report yesterday because we finished very late and had to rush for showers and food.  We had sun for our first full day in Scotland and it would have been a good day had Stuart not broken a spoke in the late afternoon.  A few weeks ago Stuart had patiently explained how it was perfectly ok to use sport wheels using very few spokes as they were special indestructible ones.

The wheel completely collapsed.  Luckily he had spare spokes (ah…so he KNEW they might break) and I was able to effect a repair though it all took time.

We spent the night in Stirling and today we headed into the highlands and across the pass of Glencoe which was spectacular in perfect weather.

For once we made good progress and made it to Fort William by 6pm.  We are staying in a hostel – 5 bedded room.  Basic doesn’t begin to describe it.

We have covered 700 miles in 7 days.  Everyone had found it challenging and sore bums and knees are standard but I have no doubt now that we will all make it.

It looks like we have exhausted Scotland’s 2011 quota of sunshine so the forecast for tomorrow is ploppy.  That should wipe the smile off our faces.

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