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Wednesday 1st – Och Eye The Noo

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Yup – Scotland, and 500 miles done….. though our jubilation is tempered by the thought of another 400 to go. 

A pretty good day all things considered.    Michael seemed remarkably fresh this morning despite an evening with his girlfriend and the rest of us were eager to leave Stalag Luft VII (or the Whitburn House hotel as it is also known) so we were rolling at 8:30.  Unfortunately John was struggling with a very sore knee so we told him to take some pain killers and man up a bit.

Today was all about Shap Fell (often known as Shap Hell), supposedly the toughest climb of the trip.  Basically a 5+ mile climb of about 8% gradient.  The 45 miles before and after were scenic but nicely flat so all the work was in that short middle section.

The boys did me proud.  Nobody walked, some didn’t even use their bottom gears and only Michael wept a little. 

Tonight we are in Gretna and have already had to fend off the advances from the bridesmaids in a wedding party also staying at our B&B.;

Tomorrow we head for Stirling unless we meet the right girl and stay to get married.

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