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I Shot The Sheriff

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But most emphatically NOT the deputy!

Mericans have a bewildering variety of coppers – the federal police obviously – but then State police, who mostly seem to patrol the motorways, as well as local police within the town or township.

Then there are the Sheriff's departments. These seem to operate at town and county level and it is extremely unclear how their powers integrate with all the other forces. Bizarrely the position of Sheriff seems to be political not judicial so you can find yourself Sheriff with absolutely no experience of beating prisoners or accepting bribes.

I find the whole idea of Sheriffs very pleasing and feel sure we will arrive in town one night and have a badge pinned on us and be asked to run the men in black hats out of the saloon.

This is the belated blog for Sunday (yes I know it is now Tuesday!). Another day of great riding and great weather and we spent the night in Oceano – a seaside resort close to Santa Maria (where Michael Jackson emphatically DIDN'T fiddle with little boys at Neverland). Everyone finished early and could enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun. The campers enjoyed a huge dinner in a converted rail car diner.

5 days to run!



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