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246 (8 Motorway)/How do you Solvang problem like Maria

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After almost 4 weeks on the road it doesn’t take much to get me excited! Today’s BIG thrill was a spell on Highway 246. This is a detour from the route in order to get to Solvang where, unlike en route, hotels can be had for less than $400/night.

Solvang is a VERY weird place. Originally founded by Danes and, even now, more Danish than a bacon roll. Most of the town appears new but all built to look like the streets of Copenhagen (the ‘wonderful wonderful’ song was rejected as far too obvious a title……or maybe I only just thought of it).

We had dinner in Andersen’s restaurant where the big attraction is pea soup (no, really!). After a big bowl each our tents were fully air-conditioned……though there may have been a dead mouse somewhere in the a/c unit!

Thanks to the detour we have been inland all day with (even) higher temperatures and a change of scenery. We have had big hills to our right all day but sadly tomorrow we must cross them and rejoin the Specific in Santa Barbara.


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