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I Go To Sleep

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We were in Mossburn last night and not Murchison as reported in the previous entry. I expect that you have all been busy plotting our progress using a Junior World Atlas and were confused as hell by our apparent leap backwards by about a week. Today was our last day of riding and for crows this required a paltry 35 miles, so my route took a detour to Manipouri just to keep them busy and make it a more manly 50. Despite this they were all done by 1pm. This trip has been about passing through and seeing this incredible country and the end point is somewhat arbitrary; Consequently there were no high fives or other vulgarity but I hope everyone is feeling good about our 3+ week journey of 1200 miles.

Packing the bikes seemed to take an age – in some cases longer than others……you know who you are ;-). But, since the sun still has a splendidly large hat on, this was all done in the motel garden and was really just sunbathing with greasy hands.

Tomorrow they have an excursion to Milford by coach then a boat trip on the Sound while I haul bikes and bags back to Queenstown ready for the dreary trek home.

One of my riders has been keeping her own blog of the trip and we enjoy reading each other's entries. The usual convention is that she isn't rude about me and I am not rude about her but she has broken the code. Yesterday, while I was doing some really important strategising in the sun the cheeky cow snuck up and photographed me then posted it on her blog with a comment Implying that I might have been asleep. So, the gloves are off!! You can view her treachery at http://sixtoeskatie.blogspot.com/.

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