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Goodbye To Love

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‎In about an hour the Love Machine goes back to Avis; she has been a dear and faithful companion and I will miss her. In case I get an identical car next year I have hidden a worn sock so that I will be able to tell if it is her.
Thanks to some rather leisurely cycling, resulting in them all missing a ferry by 10 minutes, they reached the border in the dark. This morning we all went back in LM to gloat at the dagos in daylight.  
The ‘best’ place for dinner last night (best as in ONLY) was a Mexican seafood place an‎d actually very good.  In addition to good food they offer inexpensive drinks and all served by girls in tiny black dresses who were obviously recruited for their physical charms.  Nobody actually said ‘If those puppies are for sale I’ll have the one with the pink nose’….but I bet we all thought it.
Having gained a few pounds on the trip I was thinking about the whole Merican obesity problem and it occurs to me that actually people here are not overweight but underheight. If they were all just a LOT taller they would have perfect BMI’s! Take basketball players – they look positively skinny.
‎So, back to blighty now and a winter of admin 🙁

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