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Why Does It Always Rain on Me?

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Have you noticed how pants the weather is?  I certainly have, so I have decided to run away from it for a month.  As you may know, I am a bit of an expert at ‘not cycling the length of New Zealand’ so I thought I would induct some fellow cyclists into the club.  On Jan 29th I head back to New Pieland to run a Bike Adventures trip from Auckland to Te Anau ( i.e. missing out the monstrous hills of Northland that nearly killed me last year and the rather dull bit at the very bottom of Southland).

There will be 6 riders for the whole trip, joined by 2 more in Fox for the final week.   I have travelled elsewhere with all but 2 so we mostly know what we are in for.   I will have a love machine…..though obviously not THE Love Machine :-(.  This one is made by Toyota so will probably return excellent fuel economy but, despite this, I hope we can become good friends.  The relationship will obviously be platonic because I could never betray my true love.
As usual I will file the occasional blog, either because something happens that needs writing about or because I am bored.  With 4 weeks sitting in a car the latter is the more likely!


PS A month of pies and sitting in a car isn’t perfect training for the new cycling season so when I get home I have arranged a rather cunning little jaunt to Florida for a week of  intensive drinking….I mean cycling.  More later.

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