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Never Ending Journey

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Today I am sweeping – this means riding with whoever happens to be at the back. I left the hotel 5.5 hours ago and have done…drum roll….‎35 miles. This may be a new personal best (worst?).
Sweeping relies on 2 specific skills:
1/ riding very slowly – I have a natural God-given talent
2/ being very patient and tolerant – oh well, 1 out of 2 isn’t bad
I am sitting in the park tanning my eye sockets while waiting for my wards to finish their 3 course lunch.
‎Last night we visited a Chinese restaurant (after all, when in Rome…..well something like that‎). The mad old crone who runs the place is known to us from our research trip last November and is the main reason for the visit. As with the previous visit, she spent the evening staring at us and cacklin hysterically every time we said or did anything.  

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