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Has the ‘Tour’ inspired you?

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Has the ‘Tour’ inspired you?

I don’t know about you but whenever I watch a fellow cyclist, or any other sports person do well I cannot help but feel that warm fuzzy feeling of achievement on their behalf.  One thing is for certain:   Chris Froome deserves the glory and should be soaking it all up and taking a well-earned rest.  Winning the Tour twice is an astonishing feat.

All the excitement has boosted my urge to get out and cycle, and I know it will have had the same effect on many people who are maybe looking to set themselves a challenge for the coming year.  Did you know that in the latest survey (http://www.cyclinguk.org/resources/cycling-uk-cycling-statistics) about 8% of the population aged five+ cycle three or more times a week – that equates to around 4.64 million people.

There is obviously a big difference between just cycling to get to work or taking on a cycling challenge.  The dedication required to cycle the Land’s End to John O’Groats route is way higher than that of the leisure cyclist who cycles to the pub and back on a Sunday afternoon, but many people decide on this particular tour as the first one to do.  By riding for charity it adds to the incentives to get out on your bike even when we seem to have endless days of rain and other poor conditions. 

Many of our team have been on the journey of getting back to fitness and completing a challenge after a period of injury, illness or just to push ourselves further.  We can help guide you, offer training and kit advice but at the end of the day it is down to you.  So here are our top 5 inspirational tips we are going to pass on from Chris Froome’s performance on the Tour –

  • Set your goal and enter the challenge – you cannot complete it if you have not entered!
  • Believe in yourself – Chris overcame much criticism and abuse to win.
  • Get kitted out – it need not be expensive but the right kit can make training more comfortable and effective plus cycling in your undies can turn heads – you need to think about road safety here!
  • Join a club – Chris could certainly not have won on his own, team Sky were phenomenal. The advice, support and experience will advance your training physically and mentally.
  • Enjoy it – relish the new fitter you, boast about how many miles you cycled before breakfast and be sure to flood your Facebook page with images of you at the end of your challenge.


P.S. remember to also share them with us so we can share your glory too…

Go get ‘em tiger…..

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