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Hanging on the Telephone

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This is a clever one! Or at least I think so.

This morning I spoke sternly to the people who provided my US sim card and after much hanging on the telephone I finally got it sorted so I am connected to the outside world.

AND……drum roll……we had breakfast at Blondie's. See? Brilliant!!!

The love machine went back this morning and was replaced with a Chrysler Town and Country. On closer inspection this turns out to be a Grand Caravan with Chrysler badges so the love machine is back! Although this one is black and looks more like a hearse – it may take a bit more effort to get girls into the back of this one.

Another day of glorious sunshine and the group have been riding west to finally reach the actual Pacific coast and we are in Westport – a fishing town. The hotelers are in the Bates motel (it has a different name but I'm pretty sure it is the same place) and we are in Twin Harbors state park – very nice.

We have no whiffy so I am posting this via my phone so no pictures as The Man wants seven pounds fifty per megabyte. When we get to an interweb I will post some piccies.

It is good to be properly on the way and hopefully things will now settle down into a routine and I can get out on the bike a bit more.

Off for din dins now.



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