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Michael Lea, UK

…when I think of the last nine days it must rank and one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to you and to Rob for everything…. I thought the route was perfect…

Alaster Stewart, UK

Once again, thanks for putting on a great trip. There seems to be a certain formula that Bike Adventures has that works for us and clearly many others.

Sharron Yaxley, Australia

What an awesome trip!  It was challenging but personally so satisfying to climb those little humps in the Alps. Our thanks to Steve, Rob and Mike for their efforts in ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible. Lots of memories.

Chris Carthew, Australia

It is safe to say that ‘Bike Adventures’ are awesome. It is great to feel like real mates with the whole team. Dom and Steve make you feel like a pro rider. Every need taken care of. Great routs, great support when needed, bags in the room when you arrive at the end of the days ride so you can get organised quickly…

Robert Gillespie, UK

First, a big thank you for a great experience.   The organisation was tremendous and everything appeared to work perfectly.   I shall remember the past fortnight with great pleasure for a long time.

Kim Edmunds, UK

I have been holidaying with Bike Adventures since 2005. Through out the standards have remained high. The Danube trip was every bit as good as I have come to expect. Route and leaders were excellent and the accommodation was of a constantly high standard.

Carol Golsby, UK

Truly great holidays are hard to find but the traverse of Bhutan is one of them. If you only do one trip this is the one to do! I am incredibly proud of us all for completing the journey. We climbed to great heights, descended the longest road on the planet- bar none! Rode through rain forest and paddy fields, passed through scenery I will simply never forget. Thank you Bike Adventures for the journey of a life time..

Reuben Miller, UK

It was a really delightful treasure box of experiences doing the End to End with Bike Adventures, from- painful, tough, challenging, moving, exhausting, exhilarating, great fun and hugely inspiring.

Nick Darton, UK

The trip down the Rhine was excellent….it was a rich experience. Could anything have been better?  I’m not sure that it could realistically.

Bob Bennett, UK

Good ride, wonderful route with good roads and sufficient challenges to make it interesting – with the mileages just about right leaving time for relaxed evenings and a drink or two. I would say that this ride and Bord/Barc are the two best rides that I have ever done.