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A trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen

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    It was almost summer and we started to think of our holidays. Many possible destinations but for me, there was only a place in my mind. So after lots of conversations the decision was made. We would spend that summer in two of the most characteristic capitals of Scandinavia, in Stockholm and in Copenhagen too.
    The first city has earned the title of the “Light of the North” or even better, the “Venice of the North”, because of the countless islands that make up the city of Stockholm, that’s why the water element has an important role in the everyday life of the Swedish, as its name means “a city between bridges”. Copenhagen, its little neighbor, is called “fairy-tale”, perhaps because of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who was born in that city.

    Knowing that the Scandinavian countries are known for their expensive living standards, the decision for the place we were going to spend our nights was difficult. The choice was made and we booked a decent hotel with relatively easy access to the center (about 15 ‘by train) and proportionally at a nice price.
    On Monday, at the end of that July, our journey began for the stately Stockholm and the romantic Copenhagen. After a boring three-hour trip, we arrived late at night in Stockholm and specifically at the city’s main airport, Armanda. The hotel we booked was quite out of town, but within walking distance, there was a suburban station where in 15 minutes you are conveniently located in the city center.
    Our suburb was a green area, very quiet and very picturesque and called Älvsjö. Next, to the hotel there was Stockholm’s largest congress center. So after we settled in the rooms and after a light dinner at the hotel, we immediately fell asleep because the next day a long walk was waiting for us for the first exploration of Stockholm.

    Gamla Stan – Sergeant in history and culture.
    Feeling relaxed the next day and after a great breakfast and tasting the famous Swedish meatballs, we started for the city center. At the station, we took the 7-day card for unlimited routes with Tunnelbana and there is also the Stockholm card, much more expensive, including the entrance to some 70 museums. Of course, it is in everyone’s desires and priorities what he will choose. The transport system is very organized and easy to be found anywhere in the city. Generally, Stockholm is a very friendly city and it is a pleasure to walk on its quiet, clean and well-groomed streets. The metro counts almost 100 stations on three lines, which are linked to the central station at T-Centralen.

    So, we are in Stockholm and Sweden! In the country of Alfred Nobel, August Strindberg, but also Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Olof Palme and Bjorn Borg, the ABBA and many others who honored this great country with their personality and talent.

    Arriving in the city center we started a short walk around the large boulevards passing through the central station to get a first impression of this beautiful city. We started from Klarabergsgatan and looking at the buildings we reached as of its extension, in Hamngatan. It was a real pleasure walking in this city and that’s what we did the days that followed.

    The days passed very quickly, and we were leading to the end of the first part of the journey. On the days remaining, we dedicated them to see the signs of the city that we had missed, but also those places that had impressed us initially and we wanted to see them again, such as GamlaStan. But before we left Stockholm we had a pendulum that we were about to fulfill. Every visitor to this city ought to make a tour of Stockholm through its countless canals to have a different sight of the city.

    So early in the morning and before we left the city, we found ourselves in the small harbor of Nybroplan to start our water ride.
    The departure points for sea trips are three. One is in front of the Stadshusbron, there is another one in front of the Grand Hotel and finally at the bay of Nybroplan, where most of the routes begin.

    The day to leave Stockholm has come. This city with a rich cultural heritage that for every visitor will always stand out for its majestic nobility, the quality of life that offers you and the unparalleled beauty of nature that was given to it without parsimony. Our flight to Copenhagen was early in the afternoon and so we had enough time for the last walk. Coming back to the quays, opposite Gamla Stan and walking along the coast and after we passed the Grand Hotel, we reached the National Museum. There, one island is standing between the islands of Gamla Stan and Yurkorden, the Skeppsholmen. We also took a mini-tour of the island.

    And now Copenhagen!
    Our first acquaintance with the city began from KongensNytorv, which is the central point of the city. It is one of the largest squares in Copenhagen surrounded by many elegant and interesting buildings, with beautiful flower arrangements. In winter the square turns into an endless skating rink. It was built in 1680 by King Christian E, where his huge statue stands proudly in the middle of the square.
    Of course, the first thing that we noticed on our first walk in Copenhagen was the countless danish bicycles that exist, and especially the variety of bike models. You may think these people live and grow up on a bike. I have seen in many European and Asian cities that the bicycle is part of the everyday life of the residents, with Amsterdam city to be the leader, but in Copenhagen the presence of the bicycle is catalytic! The most important thing is that the cyclist is the leader in circulation in this city. Everywhere and always proceeds, but he also obeys rigorously the rules of road traffic and does not just go up on a bicycle and uncontrollably drives as he is.Anyone can rent a bicycle from countless stations that are scattered all over the city by entering his credit card at a cost of Dkr 25 DKr an hour, about $ 3.50 and when he finishes his walk to leave it at a different point who took it.

    The day was sunny and so we stopped at a coffee to relax. But in front of us there is the landmark store for all the children, the Lego store, and since we were in the country where LEGO games were founded, we decided to spend two hours there. Late at night, we decided to go back in one of the most picturesque spots in Copenhagen, on the multi-shot Nyhavnchannel. There, crossing the King’s Square, we found ourselves in the Nyhavn Channel, where almost the entire city spends their free time there. The days that followed in Copenhagen were full of emotions because this city gives you the feeling that you are a part of a fairy tale.
    Copenhagen and Stockholm may belong to the same family, be close to one another, have common roots in language and culture, but they are also so different from each other. This trip experience was so much different than all our travel experiences. When we returned back home, we all made a promise. We promised to return to those cities that offered us and once in your life travel experience.

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