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Young at Heart

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‎I know that my clean living and healthy lifestyle, coupled with good genes, mean I have worn better than some and, yes, I do look young for my age. But did the women in the supermarket REALLY need to ask me for ID when I bought a pack of beer today?
In this country everyone is so terrified of lawsuits that it is easier to instruct staff to ID everyone than to allow for any autonomous thought or discretion. The joke is that a valid ID is ALL that is required….you could buy beer at the age of 3 with a decent fake drivers licence!
So my promise of no daily blog is proving, like all my promises, to be worthless. The trouble is that there has been a lot of siting around (either driving or waiting) while I round up the group and get them to Port Townsend and in my idle time I compose blog entries.  
I am now waiting again, for the last two riders to fly into Seattle, before we finally get under way tomorrow morning. One of these two will be my room mate for the next month so I hope I like him! He can’t we any worse than Knobby I suppose.
The forecast for tomorrow is for biblical rain and strong winds so, at least for now, I am happy with my lot as support driver…..and it gives LM2 and I a chance to get re acquainted 🙂
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