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Working 9 to 5

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The photo is of my office for the morning – set up on the beach just north of Malibu. It was taken at 10:30….temperature 85 degrees!
Yesterday I set my chair up on the beach in Santa Barbara. As I gazed blankly out to sea a flock (collective nouns are tricky but I’m pretty sure it is a flock) of dolphins cruised past, leaping and diving just a few yards from the shore.
‎How on earth can this be a legal way to make a living? 
A couple of bonus tracks:
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Yesterday I got the call I always dread…. ‘Man down’. Some prat in an RV ‎parked at the side of the road had flung their door open and released a dog, straight in front of a rider. He landed pretty hard and has a few cuts and bruises but is still alive thanks to his helmet which took so much force that it split straight up the back.  
The cops somehow arrived within seconds, quickly followed by a fire engine and their trained paramedic gave him a thorough once over. By the time I arrived all I had to do was unbuckle a wheel and go helmet shopping.
I believe that ‎everyone must have the right to ride without a helmet……..but never exercise that right!
Lip up Fatty
I have now been in Merica for almost 4 weeks and the combination of no exercise and gargantuan portions is taking its toll.   The other day I passed a colony of elephant seals and was struck by how skinny they looked. Until I can get home and do something about it I am bathing blindfolded.
Happy Birthday
…..to me!

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