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Wishing I Was Lucky

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‎A belated few words about our weekend. On Saturday we were due to ride from Yachats to Coos Bay but‎ we were hit by a major storm. A few tried to set off but we’re stopped by a wind that was gusting to 90mph and they wisely returned to the motel. So Saturday morning was spent ferrying all the people, bikes and luggage to Coos Bay. We managed to get ahead of the weather for an hour or two then it hit us head on. Luckily Coos Bay was a scheduled rest day stop so we were able to ride out the storm. We had 7 inches of rain! This is a lot. 
In the league table of places you don’t want to spend a wet weekend Coos B‎ay is way up there. On Sunday we cleaned bikes and did a few chores, then retired to the bar for an afternoon and evening of rehydration.  The bar sold beer in 32oz jam jars and these oversize beauties probably contributed to a jolly mood which helped us forget that we really should have been building an ark.
I did have an idea that we should go out and buy a gun since Oregon seems to have virtually no restrictions on gun ownership; naturally this idea formed during jam jar 3 but was mercifully forgotten somewhere during jar 5!
There was an unfortunate end to our day of hiding from the rain and drinking but it deserves an entry all of its own.

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