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Where Did You Get That Hat?

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‎Last night we stayed in Manresa Castle, Port Townsend. Originally the home of a wealthy mayor it is now a hotel and, at 19th century‎, one of the oldest buildings I have ever stayed in. It is wonderfully ‘quirky’ (a word that means ‘a bit pants but somehow likeable’) and fortunately the guests all found it quite charming…….apart from the wedding.
‎The hotel was hosting a wedding which went on into the small hours, and some diehards were still partying in the car park as the hours got quite large again. I slept like the dead but everyone else complained of interrupted sleep. The weird thing about the wedding was the hats. 
Now, in England, you would immediately assume that the bride and groom had set ‘bloody silly hats’ as the theme for the dress code. It was tempting to go up to people (of all ages and both genders) pat them on the back and congratulate them on the magnificent stupidity of their hats but in Merica there is that nagging worry that the hats were a serious attempt at sartorial elegance. For example, one woman was clearly wearing a model of the Tardis on her head but….hang on a minute….they don’t show Dr Who in Merica! 
We will never know!
‎We were promised torrential rain and high winds today and we’re not disappointed.  Instead of magnificent views of Mount Olympus we got horizontal rain and zero visibility but, hey ho, it was warm and dry in the Love Machine.  
After 130 year old oak panelling and antique furniture last night we have the Shelton Super 8 motel to look forward to tonight. But hopefully no wedding!
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