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West Coast

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That’s not a song title I hear you say. Yes it is – Lana Del Ray. Only released this year and written specifically so I could use it in this blog entry. Thanks Lana.

It’s not a bad life, this running cycling holidays malarkey. However the downside, and it is a whopper, is that I actually get to cycle less than when I had a proper job and MUCH less than I would like. My ambition to cycle 10000 miles this year lies in tatters but I do have an opportunity for one grand end-of-season hurrah. Our annual Specific Coast Highway jaunt starts on Sept 13th and this year I get to ride THE WHOLE THING. We will be supported by Geoff (aka Big Geoff) who will drive the love machine; I’m not sure how I feel about that but he has promised not to take any liberties with her and if he breaks his word I’ll break his legs.

For my own amusement I’ll blog my way down the coast and hopefully the experience from a bicycle saddle will provide a slightly different perspective this year. We fly out on Thursday to make preparations (ok, buy a beer cooler) and start riding on Sunday so watch this space…..

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