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Walkin’ Man

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This is a clever one; or at least I think so! No, I am not walking, I am on a boat. As some of you will know, I am the world's worst sailor and you will have to google the song to find the artist and all will be explained.

After a tasty meal of dry bread and 11 hours sleep I felt somewhat better. Not exactly fighting fit but off the critical list. I took a flip through downtown Wellington on my way to the ferry port and we have now crossed the treacherous Cook Strait and are weaving out way up the sound to Picton. Naturally my breakfast re-appeared but that is just me and boats.

I have just read the in-flight magazine. Only in NZ could they fill this with stories of sinkings, dramatic rescues and crossings that took 40 hours! However, they proudly boast that THIS ferry company hasn't lost a ship.

To further aid my recovery I have re-planned my first few miles. I had planned to follow the coast north and round to Nelson but I am now taking a shorter southerly route via Blenheim which saves 40km and hopefully will be wind assisted. I hope the target campsite has room as the next one is a further 70km.

Thanks to those who have assured me that I am not a total pansy – it is all still a bit too fresh for me to see it rationally but I am looking forward to South Island!

Photo is of Queen Charlotte Sound.


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