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There Will Be Blood

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Less than a week untill we set off.  The photo shows my bike fully loaded before being dismantled and packed in a box.  Britsh Airways now refuses to take bikes unless they are propely boxed and this may present a problem when we fly home from Sicily.  So far Alan’s attempts to locate a bike shop in Catania that can sell or give us a box have been fruitless. 

Although we are only looking at 80 miles per day, Italy is chuffing lumpy and I am starting to worry about fitness.  For various reasons I have hardly ridden in the last month and my super-fitness from the summer is fading fast.  As you can see, the loaded bike is not exactly light and things could get ugly in the mountains. 

Do you think that people who broadcast on the radio at 3am occasionally wonder whether ANYONE is listening?  I know the feeeling 🙁


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