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The Lunatics Have taken Over The Asylum

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You are probably wondering how it is that Bike Adventures tour leaders rock up at the start of the season all bronzed, toned and fit as fleas.  Well, it isn’t easy!  It is a measure of our dedication that Chris Heywood and I (we are the good looking ones) will shortly be heading down to Brisbane to start a 2000 mile unsupported trip around the Australian Pacific Coast to Adelaide.  If that doesn’t sort out the tan and the leg muscles nothing will.

You may notice that all my blog entries have a song title as the subject.  Sometimes these are obvious and sometimes a little lateral thinking is required.  I’ll give you a clue for this one but don’t expect one every time:  there are three of us going, we are boys, and we are going to have FUN.  Got it yet?  The third member of our ‘Fun Boy Three’ is Neil: part friend, part customer, part carpenter.

We set off on Jan 25th and start riding on the 27th.  Our route is pre-planned but the schedule is flexible; we are aiming at 80 mile days with 3 rest days but it all depends on what happens during our month on the road.  We already have plans to visit friends from the Bike Adventures community in Sydney, Batemans Bay and Melbourne  but if you live on our route please get in touch, we would love to see you.  As well as having a great time and drinking more beer than is probably wise, we will be looking for a suitable route/itinerary for an inaugural Bike Adventures trip to Oz for 2017.  I will file the odd blog entry to let you know how we are doing but if you want the whole day-by-day account (and aren’t easily offended) try my personal blog.

If you can’t wait until 2017 to cycle ‘down under’ why not take a look at our 2016 New Zealand Tour.


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