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The Incredibles

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No not us, the hills. Today was VERY hard work. Apart from the first 5 miles we have been on hills all day. This part of the coast is very pretty but a bonkers place for old men on heavy bikes to try and cycle.

The completely mad vertical climb this morning (see previous blog) was the 'high spot'. As already mentioned, this was easily the hardest half mile climb I have ever done and, although I didn't walk, it was a close run thing. If you have never tried to ride a bike with 35lbs of crap strapped to the back up a 26% slope you haven't lived.

After that it was just up and down all day, including a 7 mile climb in the afternoon sun which, by the way, has found an even bigger hat.

We ended the day on 85 miles and fell into the first place offering a bed for the night. Cat lovers will be pleased to know that there will be no swinging of cats tonight! We are in Praia A Mare, about where the sock would disappear into the shoe. It is very weird to be riding in weather that is better than the best of British but for everywhere to be closed or closing for winter. We even see people wearing coats…. Today was probably around 90f!!!

The photo is of Alan demolishing a gelato with about 17 miles to go. Guess what? They were hilly.



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