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The House of The Rising Sun

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Our ‘Condom’ is a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment on a gated complex with clubhouse, pool and other amenities.  It is very well appointed and was prepared immaculately for our arrival.  I am not entirely sure what benefit is derived from having towels folded into swans but I expect it improves their absorbency or something.  We have our own little balcony from which we can welcome the rising sun and, so far, this has shone strongly from clear blue skies.

The cost of all this luxury for a week?  £300.  Not each, all in!  It is cheaper than staying at home.  Florida is literally covered in such complexes and, since the economy nose-dived here, there is massive over-supply and prices reflect this.  

Today was sunnier even than yesterday with little wind…pretty perfect for cycling. We are doing a 65 mile loop that has taken us away from the endless holiday homes and into the real central Florida. The ‎riding is flat and easy and the scenery is interesting (not pretty but beautiful in its own way). It is interesting to see a side of Florida away from the tourist centres – clearly the wealth hasn’t reached this far and we have see lots of little shanty settlements.

We have stopped for lunch in Haines City, a rather gritty town but, wonder of wonders, we have found this charming little cafe for lunch. The owner naturally thinks we are from Australia but otherwise it is rather lovely. There is even a rather good guitarist twanging away in the corner.

20 more miles then cold beers by the pool 🙂

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