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The Boys are Back in Town/We Are The World

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I expect you have missed us!  A lack of phone or wiffy signal and general busyness have prevented reports for a while but today we are wired for sound.  This is the entry for
Wednesday 26th and a big welcome to our overseas readears…..yes, GOMOB has gone global – here are the stats for the last month:

A particularly big welcome to our Costa Rican reader!!  And maybe I’ll use a Bulgarian song title some time soon.  Possibly even a whole day written Bulgarian as, having leant Italian on last years trip, new languages just get easier and easier.
Redwoods – that pretty sums up our day.  Lots and LOTS of Redwoods.  Oh yes, and mist.  Nearly as much mist as Redwoods.  Here is Alan sitting down….inevitably there is a Redwood in the picture.

The riding has been very pretty in a misty redwoody kind of way and we finished the day in Trinidad (the one in California NOT the one next to And Tobago).You know the kind of RV parks that are dingly and geared up for passing tourists?  Well we are in the other kind – mostly people living in crappy trailers smoking pot.  Our next door neighbours are a couple with a young baby and a cat…..living in a small 2-person tent……and smoking lots and LOTS of pot.

Neighbours apart it is OK and we slipped out for a very nice meal overlooking the Specific before returning for a chat with the pot-heads.

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