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Europe – Why not enjoy an active vacation?

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Throughout most of Europe you can cycle from one village to the next within a matter of minutes and you can do this on minor roads and cycle paths.

This means you pack in a whole host of sights within a single tour. Accommodation, restaurants and civilization in some form or another are normally close by. Whether touring alone or on an organized trip there is always the reassurance that help, civilization and communication are constantly close at hand. Cycling allows you to explore the scenery and culture. Mixing with the locals will give you a great insight into how they live.

By travelling through the different regions and countries you will be able to taste a whole variety of foods. You will be getting your daily exercise quota plus more most days, so taking advantage and experimenting with the many different cuisines should not be too much of a problem regarding weight gain and lycra stretching.

By bike you can experience the true charm of Europe. Europe is steeped in history, has a range of different terrains and many parts have a very relaxed way of life, which will often make you re-evaluate your own lifestyle.

The increase in cycling throughout Europe and all over the world means that cycling routes and places accommodating bikes and cyclists are constantly growing.

Whether you like dry dusty landscapes or hill climbs with mountain backdrops or lakes, Europe has it all to offer. Various different parts of Europe offer different climates and the seasons have a huge effect on this too. The only problem is that you can never guarantee the weather.

Road Cycling in Europe ba1Planning your route can either be down to you, or you can let us help you. If you are unsure about going it alone then why not book a place on any of our wonderful European trips. Our guides are all experienced and have a vast amount of knowledge of the routes, the sites, the regions and cycling in general. Believe me they are fabulous company and a great deal of fun, which means that often they can really enhance your experience. Europe is also great if you are restricted by holiday times, as travelling is not too far or long, leaving you with plenty of cycling days.

Remember if booking a tour to book early to ensure your place, then please ensure that your passport is current and will still be valid when your trip is due. Last minute passport obtaining is just a stress that you do not need, be assured of that. Make sure you have currency changed up or some way of obtaining the correct currency on route and remember to check the currencies for different countries before you set off. Make sure you have insurance and your European Health Insurance Card before you depart and then it is time to go and enjoy Europe.