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Street Walker

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The streets of London may be paved with gold but the streets of Rome are lined with whores. These Ladies of the Night don't operate at night and, actually, sitting in a chair in an underpass in your undercrackers isn't very ladylike.

On previous days we have spotted the odd one or two but today as we skirted Rome there were lots. They seem to operate from the most obscure places, often in the middle of nowhere and we assume they get dropped off and collected by a 'friend'. At least in this sun they won't catch a chill!

After yesterday this was an easy peasy day. We had 65 to do and the going was very flat. Alan did his best to slow us down by breaking a spoke but even with this we made good progress. The roads were quite busy at times and we were glad to reach our lunch stop, just before we returned to the quieter coast road.

Mid-afternoon we stopped for a gelato (look it up, we had to) and met an 'English' couple. She turned out to be a Belgian smart-arse who speaks 7 languages and very kindly phoned ahead to our planned campsite. No answer came the stern reply. She then 'phoned a friend' and found us a campsite on our planned route from which this blog is written.

We were done by 4pm and had a leisurely meal with tasty wine – in the supermarket we found a cheeky red, sold from a chuffing great tank at 80 cents/litre.

The campsite is great but has some rules. These are enshrined in English in a handy leaflet and the photo is of the back page – entitled Remember Well. Sound advice in my opinion. Another cracking example aimed at cyclists:


(Remember it to the your sons and remembers they that the bike must go plan, for the really and other people's safety).

I feel SO much better about my efforts to buy 6 sausages earlier!


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